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Next Hair Guru

Vignette made for the dutch version of Great British Hairdresser.

Made in After Effects.

Animated font

0-9 + a few more.

erov1 erov2


Intro for an event/lecture at Beamlab, Amsterdam.
Intro is shown on 9 screens, these are the three in the middle.

Shot with a Canon 5D + macro lens, edited in Final Cur Pro, post in After Effects.

Nacht van de korte film, NRK

Video made to promote the virals night at dutch tv channel NRK.
I made the keying, background animation, titles etc.

Made in After Effects.

King Faisal Hospital

Animation made for a projection mapping project for the opening of the new King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Made in After Effects.


Commercial for a dutch bank, Triodos.
I made the ticker tape animation in the beginning and the animations displayed at the Nasdaq and Reuters screens.

Made in After Effects.


Weekend project. I did the editing, Noam did the rest.


Currently working on a project for my friends.
This is just a preview of the animation.

real unreal.

Motion tracking + Cinema4D + After Effects.

erov1 erov2

MTV New Video Charts

A bumper made for MTV New Video Charts.

After Effects compositing.


Another sunday project..

erov1 erov2

Throw the ball

Stop motion from another perspective. A sunday project.

Matilda And The Machineguns

Project for the Experience Animation exhibition ( We worked on this animation for four weeks.

I made the first scene inside her head, and was Art Director.

Present -> Future

School assignment. The brief was to animate from the present you to the future you.

Made in Cinema 4D and compositing in After Effects.

Flow - The Movie

Just trying to make something cool in RealFlow + Cinema 4D + After Effects.

I Have Feelings Too

A project in school. The brief was to make a short film in two days.

Editing in After Effects, idea development and acting.

Enough Stupid

First project at Hyper Island. I made it just to try out After Effects. The speech is from an interview with Charles Manson back in 1986.


Just some random animations made for EROV (

erov1 erov2